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Love Your Post-Baby Body
movement and nutrition workshop


Is your body different since you’ve had your baby?

Do you want to start exercising again but you’re not sure how to start or find the time?

Do you want to know what to eat to give you more energy and lose excess body fat?


If you have answered yes to any of these questions then my workshop is for you!


Join me for some time dedicated to you and start to love your post-baby body.


During the workshop you will:

  • spend time learning how to get your body moving safely after having a baby;

  • find out how to eat healthily as a busy mummy; and

  • have a cuppa made for you while you chat and relax.


I always have some special gifts lined up for you to take home so you can carry on doing the things you learn in the workshop.


This is a small group workshop in a quiet and relaxed environment, parking is free and you are welcome to bring your baby with you. 

Click here to email me to join my mailing list and be the first to know when I release my next workshop dates.

I hope to meet you soon!


Jade x

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