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About Jade

My Life and What's New

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My Story


Hi, I'm Jade Crowden. I am a Specialist Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor, Holistic Core Restore® Coach and Certified Nutrition Coach.


I am also a busy working mother of 2 young children so I understand how it feels to have no time to think about your own fitness and wellbeing.


I am here to help you to find that time for yourself and make the most of it in order to build a strong, happy body and mind.

I discovered the power of exercise and healthy eating for myself after a stressful time in my life, coupled with looking after my unwell toddler, left me seriously run down and unable to cope. Taking care of myself by moving and eating better saved me and my family from a rapid downwards spiral.

I am passionate about sharing what I have learned and the positivity that can be brought to your life by changing how you move and what you eat.

You can find more information here about what I do.

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